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Strata PanelsTM Architectural Cladding for Exteriors

Bellcomb Strata PanelsTM architectural cladding systems are the perfect choice to utilize natural stone in exterior applications. We are able to produce specific panels up to 60"x120" depending on available slab sizes. These panels are made from a thin, authentic stone veneer, bonded to aluminum honeycomb core offering greater flexural strength and outstanding impact resistance. We work with your designer/architect/contractor to incorporate our system on any suitable exterior grade stone you desire.

The Strata PanelsTM system installs quickly utilizing our unique connection system – a non-progressive certified system that offers the installer more flexibility for staging or sequencing options. This system simplifies installation, and the lightweight nature of the product makes it desired by contractors on the job site. Bellcomb will also fabricate returns for windows, doors and other openings on the exterior of a building.

Bellcomb’s system, the only Miami/Dade/Florida approved lightweight granite, limestone and marble assembly, has proven to be the most durable exterior stone solution available. Tough, lightweight, easy to assemble – these qualities make Bellcomb’s Strata PanelsTM the best choice for exterior stone architectural applications.

Strata PanelsTM Install Quickly and Easily

Strata PanelsTM are made to the highest quality standards by the largest plant capacity honeycomb panel manufacturer in the world. We produce thin stone bonded to our honeycomb technology to deliver a high quality, lightweight solution.

  • Lightweight – Strata PanelsTM weigh only 3-1/2 pounds per square foot, about 80% lighter than 3cm thick heavy stone slabs. Large sizes are easily installed by one or two people. Installing these panels can eliminate the need for expensive cranes and other heavy lifting equipment. And buildings do not have to be designed to support traditional, heavy stone slabs.
  • Natural Beauty – Natural stone is one of the most beautiful and functional building materials in the world. With abundant color variety, the types of stones we process include granite, limestone, travertine, marble, and sandstone.
  • Strong – Strata PanelsTM are backed with an aluminum honeycomb panel making them 60% more impact resistant compared to 1-inch thick heavy slabs. These panels have been tested and withstand hurricane force winds and small and large missile impacts associated with high wind conditions.
  • Impervious to Water Penetration – The stone on every Strata PanelTM is backed with structural honeycomb panel impervious to water and air infiltration.
  • Unlimited Material Design Options – Many custom design options are available. Speak to one of our technical experts to find out how we can create a panel for you.
  • Green – Strata PanelsTM construction yields two panels per every 1-1/8" slab, reducing the number of slabs by almost half and preserving our natural stone resources for years to come. Also, fewer slabs and lighter building panels means reduced freight and fewer carbon emissions. Panels are installed quickly with scissor or boom lift instead of heavy lifting hoist equipment or cranes.
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