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Marine Panels – Nautical LiteTM

Great strength-to-weight ratios, toughness, moisture and corrosion resistance – Bellcomb’s Nautical LiteTM panels are designed to meet the specific requirements of the marine industry. Our customers have used our marine panel products and joining/closeout extrusions for cruise ships, ferries, workboats, yachts, and other marine vessels.

Bellcomb’s marine certified panel solutions meet ABS, DNV, IMO, USCG and Transport Canada certifications.

Our extensive customer focus, coupled with high capacity capabilities, makes us a leading solutions provider in the marine industry. From decks, to bulkheads, to walls , we understand how critical it is to offer strength and durability along with significant weight savings and our design engineers partner with you to ensure that all your marine paneling system needs are met.

We specialize in cost-effective lightweight composite marine panel solutions featuring an impressive range of structural panel materials. For maritime applications, the most popular combination is our "all Aluminum" composite panel, comprised of Aluminum skins structurally bonded to a lightweight Aluminum honeycomb core.

Nautical LiteTM is a 5000 Series aluminum skin panel with aluminum honeycomb core (.250" cell).

  • Multiple skin thicknesses from .012" – .040"
  • Panel thicknesses available in .3937" (10mm), .7874" (20mm), 1.181" (30mm)
  • Custom thickness and material available

Nautical Lite Design-LamTM is a 500 series aluminum skin panel with aluminum honeycomb core (.250" cell) with either lightweight decorative film or Dura-Lam high pressure laminate face.

  • High pressure durable laminate or lightweight decorative laminate.
  • Wide range of colors and patterns.
  • Panels are available with laminate on one or both sides with choice of back skin thickness.
  • Lightest weight decorative option available in the industry.

Nautical Lite StrataTM is thin natural stone bonded to 5000-Series aluminum skin panel with structural aluminum honeycomb core (.250" cell).

  • Up to 80% weight reduction in countertops and 50% weight reduction in tile (compared to stone slabs).
  • Horizontal and vertical surface applications.
  • Stronger and more impact resistant than traditional stone slabs.

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